Each of our partner brands has been carefully selected as they all bring something unique to the market.

Josera –natural, DLG-certified quality human food grade ingredients, exceptional digestibility so daily feed rations are very low.  Gluten-free and grain-free recipes.  Carbon-neutral. 

Green Petfood – especially suited to dogs with extreme sensitivities.  Insect and vegetarian grain-free recipes.  Exceptionally environmentally sustainable.  Carbon positive.  DLG-certified quality ingredients.

Vigor & Sage – fresh, boneless muscle meat, grain-free 80/20 recipes with single source animal protein with nutritious, beneficial herbs and seaweed.  Clean food at its best.  Wet and dry options.

Naturally, none of our brands or recipes ever use genetically modified ingredients, wheat, soy, dairy products or artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

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Picture of Josera Surf & Turf Junior

Josera Surf & Turf Junior

Provides young dogs with a menu that is both easily digestible and delicious
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