Josera Denties with Poultry & Blueberry

Brand: Josera
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Elevate toothbrushing into a delightful experience with our innovative offering: Josera Denties Chewing Sticks. We've transformed dental care into a beloved pastime for your furry companions! These sticks, enriched with cellulose, revolutionize oral health maintenance by fostering daily tooth cleaning through their ingeniously designed structure.

Infused with the delectable flavors of poultry and blueberry, our Denties Chewing Sticks not only guarantee an irresistibly good taste but also ensure an optimal approach to oral well-being. Watch as your pets engage with the playful dental care these sticks provide, all while enjoying the mouthwatering combination of poultry and blueberries.

Experience the perfect fusion of taste and functionality, all in one. Make dental care a favorite hobby for your furry friends with Josera Denties Chewing Sticks - where deliciousness meets dental health.

  • Delicious chewing sticks with protein from poultry and delicious blueberries for daily dental care: thanks to its structure, cellulose can help to clean your teeth
  • With at least 4% fruit puree for a super fruity taste
  • The star-shaped structure provides chewing fun and massages the gums
  • Package content: 7 pieces per bag / 180 g total

Complementary feed for adult dogs

Picture of 13 x 180g Josera Denties with Poultry & Blueberry
13 x 180g Josera Denties with Poultry & Blueberry
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Picture of 180g Josera Denties with Poultry & Blueberry
180g Josera Denties with Poultry & Blueberry
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