Josera Light & Vital

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For sofa wolves that need to watch their figure. The reduced fat content and increased fibre
content make for fewer calories, though the dog still feels full and satisfied. L-carnitine and taurine
encourage good cardiac function and increase the dog’s vitality.

  • For overweight dogs or for dogs that tend towards obesity
  • Special diet fibres make the dog feel full and satisfied
  • The high protein content stimulates the dog’s metabolism
  • L-carnitine encourages proper fat metabolism

Josera Light & Vital is a complete diet feed for adult dogs to help reduce obesity.

All Josera recipes are:

  • Free from wheat, soya and GM ingredients
  • Free from artificial flavourings, colourings and preservatives, and dairy and sugar

Sustainable, carbon-neutral dog food produced with DLG-certified quality ingredients for optimal digestibility and lower feed rations.

Voted Most Sustainable Pet Food Brand globally by the Pet Sustainability Coalition 2020-2021.

Picture of 12.5kg Josera Light & Vital
12.5kg Josera Light & Vital
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Picture of 5 x 0.9kg Josera Light & Vital
5 x 0.9kg Josera Light & Vital
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Picture of 0.9kg Josera Light & Vital
0.9kg Josera Light & Vital
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