VeggieDog grainfree

Brand: Green Petfood
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VeggieDog grainfree is a nutritionally optimised complete feed for sensitive adult dogs.

  • Grain-free complete food with potatoes and peas for sensitive adult dogs
  • 100% vegetarian, 99.99% vegan (contains 0.01% Vitamin D3 from lanolin)
  • Delicious herbs and forest fruit round-off the veggie menu
  • Climate-positive: first and foremost we avoid all carbon emissions possible by using renewable energy sources. However, through our forest conservation project in Tanzania, we compensate for 125% of any CO2 emissions we cannot avoid such as logistics.

VeggieDog Grainfree’s vegetarian, grainfree recipe provides your adult canine with all essential nutrients. Peas and potato give your dog valuable amino acids, while delicious herbs and fruits are the perfect finishing touch to our veggie meal. Whether based on your ethical convictions or because your pooch suffers from an intolerance: with VeggieDog Grainfree, your four-legged friend can help make the world more sustainable every day!


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10kg VeggieDog grainfree
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