Josera and Green Petfood complete food for dogs is carefully produced exclusively with high quality and natural ingredients. 

Genetically modified ingredients, wheat, soy, dairy products, artificial colours, flavours and preservatives are never used. The animals that provide their meat are fit for human consumption.

Each ingredient is carefully analysed in the in-house laboratories before use and all Josera and Green Petfood finished products are also subjected to the most stringent quality controls in order to guarantee first-class product quality for every animal.

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Picture of InsectDog sensitive

InsectDog sensitive

Light diet recipe for your dog with a sensitive digestive system. 100% Insect Protein as the sole source of animal protein
From £29.99
Picture of Josera Active Nature

Josera Active Nature

Lots of meat for active dogs
From £4.49
Picture of Josera Balance

Josera Balance

Fat and protein reduced with a moderate level of minerals
From £4.49
Picture of Josera Duck & Potato

Josera Duck & Potato

From £4.99
Picture of Josera Family Plus

Josera Family Plus

With animal welfare chicken & pea With herbs & fruits Gluten-free Also suitable for senior dogs
From £54.99
Picture of Josera Festival

Josera Festival

With a delicious sauce for picky dogs
From £4.49
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